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One Man's Ramblings

Swenson is a good fit
Thursday, April 1, 2021
One Man's Ramblings

I was surprised, and not surprised at all when it was announced Michael Swenson had been selected as the next head coach and athletic director at Iowa Park High School.

With Aubrey Sims leaving for Weatherford after seven seasons at the helm for Hawk athletics ... and very successful seven seasons ... the best option in my mind a week ago was to have someone already inhouse that could continue with the program he has built.

And that someone was Michael.

I was surprised that this news came from the Times Record News in Wichita Falls earlier this week. Someone in the know gave the information to them, and they of course ran with it. I’m 95-percent certain who gave them that information, and I wasn’t a happy camper.

Why? Because the Leader has covered Iowa Park athletics, through thick and thin, for over 50 years. Even when the Hawks were not so successful, this paper tried to find the silver lining in each loss, and collectively hope for the next season to be better.

You can’t say that for TRN, or any other media in Wichita County.

So it would have been nice if my paper had been able to “scoop the news” as they say. But we didn’t, and I’ll get over it. The ones who spilled the beans to TRN are more interested in being the one “in the know”. More power to them, for their sense of community.

Back to Michael, who is the most important subject in this column. Ever since I returned to Iowa Park in 2004, I’ve had Swenson brothers in my world. Their family bleeds green and white more than most others, and they have been incredibly successful in their endeavors.

It doesn’t hurt that they have a mother who is powerful and elegant, and has steered them in the right direction all their lives.

Michael has a great sense of family and religion, and building character in the kids he mentors.

Much like Aubrey has been.

And, Michael is a passionate soul, and thirsty to both learn and teach. And most of all, to build winners on the field and in life.

I applaud his selection. He will carry Coach Sims’ program further down the road, with his own personal twists. And I am excited to see how that turns out.

Best of luck, Coach.